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Hazleton, PA - AccuWeather.com Forecast

Currently: Sunny: 72F

Currently in Hazleton, PA: 72 °F and Sunny

7/19/2019 Forecast

High: 91 F Low: 74 F Clouds breaking; hot

7/20/2019 Forecast

High: 92 F Low: 74 F Sun mixing with clouds; hot
USGS Magnitude 4.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day
09:22:16 UTC
M5.5 Quake 64km NE of Bomdila, India
09:21:28 UTC
M4.5 Quake 209km W of Broome, Australia
06:58:04 UTC
M4.7 Quake 125km WSW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia
06:16:08 UTC
M4.6 Quake 162km NNW of Dobo, Indonesia
05:42:51 UTC
M4.5 Quake South of the Fiji Islands
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